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Grand tour around Ukraine



1st day
Arriving in Kiev.
Accommodation in a hotel.
City sightseeing tour by bus.
Lunch in a restaurant in the city.
Walking tour "Ancient Kiev" with a visit to St. Sophia Cathedral (listed as a UNESCO)
For extra charge - Choir Veryovka sings
Free time.
Overnight accommodations.


2nd day
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Visiting the museum Famine
Kiev - Pechersk Lavra
Lunch at the restaurant in the city.
Walking tour "Revolyutsіya gіdnostі" (Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti)
Free time.
For extra charge - you can visit Opera and Ballet Theatre
Overnight accommodations.




3rd day
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
We will visit the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirogovo with folklore show, wine tasting lard and vodka.
Lunch at the restaurant in the city.
A walking tour of "Kyiv's Montmartre - Andreevskiy spusk"
Free time.
Transfer to the railway station. Departure of night train to Lviv
OPTION 2 (For extra charge $ 150 per person)
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Extreme tour to Chernobyl! A trip to Pripyat - a "ghost town", frozen in time greatest monument to technological catastrophe of the 20th century.
During the tour to Chernobyl to Chernobyl NPP, you will see the object "Shelter" 4th unit which houses the reactor, "dead city" of Pripyat, and the "Red Forest" where the trees become reddish-orange due to radiation exposure. Also you will have a unique opportunity to feed a 3-meter KGS!
Transfer to the railway station. Check out the night train to Lviv


4th day
Arrival to Lviv. City sightseeing tour by bus.
Accommodation in the hotel.
Lunch Time.
Walking tour "Through the old town."
Walking tour "Lviv mystical"
A visit to a chocolate shop. For extra charge master class on making chocolates.
We will visiting quarry of coffee.
Free time.
Overnight accommodations.



5th day (340 km)
Breakfast. Check out from the hotel. Departure in Uzhgorod
Along the road will stop in Chinadievo. Tour of the health resort Carpathians (castle and park) - the former hunting palace Schonborn.
Transfer to Uzhgorod. Excursion around the city. Familiarity with architectural monuments of Uzhgorod: Korzo street, street Augustine Voloshin Square Theatre.
Tour of the castle. Uzhhorod Castle (IX - XIII in.) - It was built in the Renaissance style, over 360 years has been manor house of Italian aristocrats kind Drugetti.
Late lunch at the castle - the Hungarian and zakarpatska cuisine.
For extra charge - you will degustation  liqueurs and wine from cellar
Moving in Mukachevo. Overnight in Mukachevo.


6th day (130 km)
Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Tour of the city of Mukachevo. Visiting the honey museum with tasting honey. The exhibition shows a live hive with transparent walls, beekeepers tools, a collection of toy bees. Pride of the honey museum in Mukachevo - honey collection, in which samples of honey from 27 countries, including Tibet, India, Moravia, Australia, Israel, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein. Excursion to the castle Palanok in Mukachevo.
Lunch in Mukachevo.
Moving to Hust. Check in at the hotel.
For extra charge - vechornitsy in kolyba Opryshko
Overnight accommodations in Hust.



7th day (180 km)
Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to .
Travel through Rakhov - stop near the center of Europe.
Arrival in Kalush.
Lunch Time.
Excursion in Yaremche. A walk to the waterfall. A visit to the souvenir market.
Excursion to the rocks Dovbush.
Overnight in Yaremche.



8th day (170 km)
Excursion day surrounding area villages.
Kryvorivnia - open-air museum, and one of the oldest villages Gutsulschiny.
Kryvorivnya - museums "Hutsul Gragda", which displays the typical housing Hutsul - hut-grazhda. The shape of the building resembles a small fortress. In the XIV-XIX centuries when hutsuly lived far away from each other, such fortified manor were typical of the Hutsul, now they can be seen very rarely, mostly in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Kosovo, Lviv
Lunch (in Grazhda - real Hutsul dishes).
Verhovina - Museum of Hutsul Everyday Life Kumlyk. Tour concert in the private museum Roman Kumlyk
The private museum Roman Kumlyk is in his own home and organized 5 years ago. He collected materials for 30 years - it is everyday objects, old Hutsul clothing, tools, banknotes of different times and much more, which gives insight into the life Hutsul. But especially proud owner is a collection of musical instruments.
Yavorov - lizhnykarstva capital. Lizhnyk this Hutsul woven carpet. Familiarization with the manufacturing process Hutsul rugs.
Master class on making cheese horses.
Return to Yaremche.
For extra charge - Folk evening in the restaurant Huzulschyna
Overnight in Yaremche.


9th day  (220km)
Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Kolomiya.
A brief tour around Kolomyia, visiting the Gutsulschiny museum and the Pysanka museum. The museum's collection more than 6,000 Easter eggs from different regions of Ukraine and countries of the world. The exhibits included Eggs with signatures of famous political figures of Ukraine.
Departure in Chernivtsi.
Lunch Time.
Excursion around the city - visiting the University (the former residence of Bukovina metropolitans) and center.
Check in at hotel.



10th day (90 km)
Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Moving to Khotyn (tour of the castle).
Khotyn fortress (XIII-XX centuries) is located on the major highways. Khotyn has always attracted the attention of conquerors. The fortress was built in order to protect them from, which has experienced a century and saw under its walls hordes of soldiers of the Ottoman Empire, the rebels Flies avengers Dytynki, soldiers Dmitry Vishnevetzkogo, Peter Doroshenko. During the liberation war of Ukrainian people against Polish gentry in double Khotyn joined forces Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
Moving to Kamyanets-Podolsky.
Lunch Time.
Tour of the Kamyants-Podolsky (old town and castle).
You will visit the Kamenetz-Podolsk city Museum - it is one of the most popular tourist centers of Ukraine, the third in the number of architectural monuments, open-air museum, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, there are nearly a thousand years.
A real gem of the city is the old castle, built on a rocky promontory.
For extra charge - you can listen Ukrainian folk musicians
a farewell evening

Departure to Kiev by train (23:35)


11th day
Arriving in Kiev
Breakfast in the restaurant in the city
(possible excursion program depending on the time of departure)
Transfer to the airport

Price (US $ per person)
Hotels 3 * BB 1 \ 2 DBL - when a group of 10 people - 1065 USD
Hotels 3 * BB 1 \ 2 DBL - when a group of 15 people - 895 USD
Hotels 3 * BB 1 \ 2 DBL - when a group of 25 people - 835 USD

The price includes:
10 days English speaking guide - support group + guide;
8 nights accommodation in 3 * hotel accommodation DBL / TWIN with breakfast
Lunch program (10 lunches) in restaurants;
Transportation along the route
Entrance fees to museums / castles
The cost of moving train Kyiv - Lviv, Kamenetz-Podolsk -  Kiev

The price does not include:
Additional meals - dinner - approximately - 5-10 USD \ per person
Folk evening - approximately - $ 25 \ pers
Flight Kiev-Canada -Kiev 1200-1500$



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